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For over 40 years Protrans Transcription has been a full-service transcription and proofreading company. We are a leading provider of these services for the healthcare and legal professions as well as podcasters, writers and editors and many other businesses.

Protrans Transcription is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and we only hire USA based transcriptionists. You can be assured that we will not send your files offshore to be transcribed. Every transcriptionist on our team has a minimum of 15 years of experience to handle your file with expert care.

Protrans Transcription offers internet-based technology to capture your dictation, perform our services, and return the completed transcription to our clients in an accurate and timely manner. We will customize our services to meet your specifications and will always meet the highest level of quality, timeliness and professionalism.

We have served over 250 clients and we would like the opportunity to serve you with excellence.

about protrans

Joann Reckling

Owner & President


Hi there, I’m Joann Reckling owner of Protrans Transcription for over 40 years right here in Las Vegas, Nevada. After receiving an education in Laboratory Technology, I opened my first transcription business at the age of 22 and ran it successfully for 4 years before moving to Las Vegas, Nevada. I started Protrans to give women an opportunity to work from home – way before it was fashionable to ‘telecommute’. We started out on typewriters using carbon paper and ‘White-Out’, remember those days?

Fast forward to the 90s when we started to see more and more competition offshore which challenged our profession within the United States. Those of us that remained in medical transcription have stuck together over the years and tried to watch out for each other in the industry.

Since that time, we have remained a lean business being able to move swiftly on the changing landscapes of the business world. This included adding new services and avenues of opportunity to support clients including transcription for podcasters, interview transcription, webinar and conference transcription and certified proofreading of documents. We have remained in business by being locally accessible to our clients, active in our community and waking up every day wanting to be the best at what we do.

We pride ourselves on our dogged commitment to accurate transcription and being proofreading specialists, always treating our client’s transcription with the highest levels of quality, privacy and safety.

As we celebrate 42 years of excellence in 2022 we invite you to celebrate this milestone with us by becoming one of our valued customers. Contact my office to discover why we have been in business this long.

Thank you, Joann

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